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Come On Eileen
I'm Satisfied With You
Dexy's Midnight Runners: Come On Eileen
sounds like
The Furys: I'm Satisfied With You

I figure my first post in months should feature an ultra-rare comparison. I can’t a nibble of information comparing these two songs. In fact, I can’t even find good information about the Furys in general. It’s possible that Dexys Midnight Riders understood the value of what they had heard the Furys’ “I’m Satisfied with You”: a tune with a great hook that hardly anyone cared about.

I’ll admit, I’m skeptical that this is indeed a ripoff. Upon first listen I thought the string melody in the intro to “I’m Satisfied with You” was identical to the string sections in “Come on Eileen”.

Then I critically listened to “Come On Eileen“, and found the similarities I was expecting to be identical to be much more subtle. Oh well. I still think there’s an interesting comparison to be made by claiming that the Furys’ “I’m Satisfied with You” sounds like “Come on Eileen”.

HINT: The most tangible connection is between the strings in “I’m Satisfied with You” and the jangly piano in “Come on Eileen“. Interested to hear your thoughts. Am I way off, or is there something here?

Comment on the parts you think sound alike.

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